Roller Doors

Roller Doors (A.K.A Roll-A-Door)

Roller doors are designed with practicality and space saving applications in mind. If you need a door that is easy to operate, requires minimal space, and physically rolls up into a curtain above your garage door opening, then this is the door for you.  Roller doors can be fitted with a motor (automatic operator).

Every roller door is comprised of high quality colorbond steel that is cold rolled into a high strength curtain with enough flexibility to be rolled up.

If you need a low cost and time-tested garage door solution, then the roller door is likely to be a good option.


ColorBond Steel® – Theres nothing quite like it

Every B&D Roller Door is comprised of the highest quality colorbond steel.  Colorbond steel is manufactured in Australia.  That means you’re supporting our local steel industry when you buy a B&D roller door.

Your home is likely to face some pretty challenging weather conditions from extreme heat and cold, to dust, rain wind and hail.  ColorBond steel is designed to endure the exposure to the harsh elements.


Time Tested


The first roller door was installed by B&D in 1956.  Since then, B&D Roller Doors have become the most universal garage door product across Australia.  To this day there are still some original doors operating in peoples homes.

That just goes to show the longevity and staying power of a roller door.  With proper care and regular maintenance, you can squeeze an enormous amount of value from your roller door.


For those on a budget


Roller doors are able to be mass manufactured, transported and installed easily.  This allows us to provide an extremely practical and high quality door, for a very affordable price.


7 Year Warranty


When you buy a product you expect it to last and be backed by the manufacturer.  While most companies these days are decreasing their warranty periods and disassociating from their customer, B&D are still standing behind their product and believe that you deserve better.

Thats why every B&D Roller Door comes with a standard 7 year warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

It’s good to have peace of mind…

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