Asking the right questions

How to choose the right garage door

With so many garage door options and terms being thrown around on the internet, such as panelift roller door, sectional door, panelift door, how do you know what kind of door you need?

It can be useful asking yourself a few questions, such as: desired aesthetic appeal, proposed purpose for the garage space, dimensions of the garage, functionality, security, and safety.

Our Story, Our Promise

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The Perfect Door For You

Once you’ve determined exactly why you’re purchasing a new garage door, and what your expectations are of a ‘perfect door’, you can then go ahead and browse our incredible and diverse selection of doors.

Garage door technology has improved significantly over the years. Some fantastic products are now reaching the Australian shores from Europe, New Zealand and America. The innovation, engineering, design and general thought that has gone into these products is incredible.
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With a vast range of styles, colours and profiles to choose from, Panelift doors can be personalised to complement any style of home.

Panelift Icon offers all the most-loved features of B&D’s popular Panelift door, with some exciting additions.

Unlike other roller doors in the market, B&D Roll-A-Door drums are made from sturdy, castellated steel – not plastic like many others on the market making it tough enough to handle the most robust of operations.

B&D’s Rollmasta is a top-quality, cost-effective roller door solution for homes, sheds and commercial properties.

Roll-A-Door Neo is a revolutionary product, offering the strength and durability of a steel roller door, but with the look of a contemporary sectional door.

Flex-A-Door fits behind the opening and does not protrude forward, like a tilt door.

If you live in a bushfire-prone area, it’s crucial that your home is properly prepared should disaster strike.

Germany has led the way in both manufacturing and design technology for decades, and the Hormann company leverages the German vision to be remembered for excellence.

The contemporary innovation of a roller garage door. Efficient. Stronger. Silent.

The Hamptons Sectional Garage Doors combines the elegance of a wooden carriage style door with the latest manufacturing technology.

In contrast to up-and-over doors, sectional doors and roller garage doors, side sliding sectional doors open to the side instead of upwards.

Ideal for restaurants, car dealerships, and any indoor-outdoor living area

Uniquely folding overhead, our folding windows, doors and walls open to create unimpeded spaces

Convenient and safe operation, combined with seamless design