Garage Door Automation

Installing a new garage door along with a motor offers significant benefits. The convenience of entering and exiting your garage without needing to manually open or close the door is an essential comfort for many.

Fast, secure remote controls

Despite the widespread use of automatic garage doors, they remain vulnerable to thieves who can intercept transmitter codes from unsecured devices. To counter this issue, B&D has developed exclusive encrypted technology that creates a new, random code each time the garage door is used, enhancing security against hacking attempts.

Quiet, smooth and reliable

The key factors in automating a garage door are its fast, silent, and dependable functioning over an extended period.

This is why our motors are equipped with soft start-and-stop technology, which gently slows down the door at the beginning and end of its movement. This not only lessens the strain on the motor but also ensures a quieter and smoother operation.

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