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“My power is back on but my garage door isn’t working”

“I’ve had a power failure and I need to operate my Roller Door manually”

“I’ve had a power failure and I need to operate my Sectional Door manually”

Some of our most asked questions



What are your showroom opening hours?

Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm


What is the difference between a sectional and a roller door?

A Roller Door rolls into a cylinder above your head and a Sectional Door is sections of panels which follow the ceiling across.


Can any door be automated?

Yes, any door can technically be automated. However, if the door is really old it may cause problems to the motor. There also needs to be enough room either at the side of the door (to fit a Roller Door motor) or on the ceiling of the garage, with no light fitting in the way (for a Sectional or Panel Door Motor).


How regularly should I get my door serviced?

We recommend a service every 12-18 months to keep your door trouble free and in perfect order. Also remember, failure to adequately maintain your door may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Every day the spring on the door loses a small amount of tension so over the years that equates to a lot of tension which in turn make the door heavy to lift for your motor.


How much does a typical garage door cost?

A standard B&D Roller Door starts from around $890 and prices can rise to around $8,000 for a customised, premium Hormanns Sectional Door.


What type of commercial doors have you installed?

At Shoalhaven Garage Doors we have installed many commercial and industrial doors over the years including Industrial Roll-A-Doors, Force Shield Commercial Shutters and Wind Rated Industrial Roll-A-Doors. If you have a specific or specialised need, please get in touch and we’ll advice you on all of your options.

I have a tall caravan, what is the best door to go for?

The Sectional B&D Panelift Door will give you a higher opening because of the 250mm minimum headroom. The taller, rolling type doors need more headroom (400mm-650mm) which makes the opening smaller.


Can doors be made in any size?

Doors can be made 1250mm-5200mm high and 1250mm-6600mm wide.


What colours do your doors come in?

For B&D doors there are approximately 25 Colorbond colours to choose from and if selecting a Hormanns door there are over 200 colour options. For an additional charge we can also powdercoat any door.


How do I keep my garage door in great condition?

Regular maintenance every 12-18 months is recommended to help keep your door trouble free and in perfect order. If you live close to the ocean, hose the door down regularly to get the salt off.


What’s the difference between B&D, Gliderol and Steeline?

From the street all of the doors look similar but it is in the working and hardware that the difference is seen. B&D doors have steel drums whilst Steeline and Gliderol have plastic drums.

B&D have a 20,000 spring cycle while Gliderol and Steeline have a 10,000 spring cycle. B&D have rubber curves on their panel doors which make for a quieter opening. They also come with concealed hinges and can be fitted with rubber seals on the panel doors. Lastly, B&D doors have a longer warranty than either Gliderol or Steeline.

How secure is my garage door?

If your door has a motor attached, even if the power goes out, the door is locked down to the floor. No one can lift the door. If there is no motor both the Roller Doors and Panel Doors have locking arms which will lock the door down.


How long does it take for my door to arrive?

Your door will take approximately 2-4 weeks for B&D options or 2-3 months when choosing Hormanns. If you are building / renovating we are able to accomodate holding the door if unforeseen changes in schedules occur.


How long does installation take?

Usually for a large double Sectional door we will require a full day. Roller Doors will take approximately 3 hours and motor installation approximately 1.5 hours.


Can I match the garage door to the front door?

Yes you can as long as you choose a Dulux paint. Also, if you opt for a Hormann’s door they have an extensive range with matching front doors in both timber look or solid colours.


What types of motors do you sell?

At Shoalhaven Garage Doors we sell B&D, Automatic Technology Australia (ATA), Berner Motors (from Germany) and Sliding & Swing gate openers.


How many openers come with my garage door?

Each door requires it’s own motor to operate. For each motor you will receive two (2) remotes. If you have two (2) Roll-A-Doors with motors on each, you will have four (4) remotes in total.