Garage Doors

Understanding Garage Doors Is Easy

Garage doors can appear confusing when first considering the endless products available on the market.
Our job is to make the the process of researching, selecting and installing your garage door as easy as possible.

Asking the right questions

With so many garage door options and terms being thrown around on the internet, such as panelift roller door, sectional door, panelift door, how do you know what kind of door you need? It can be useful yourself a few questions, such as.


Desire aesthetic appeal

Proposed purpose for the garage space

Dimensions of the garage

Desired life-span of the product




Thermal and noise insulation requirements

The Perfect Door For You

Once you’ve determined exactly why you’re purchasing a new garage door, and what your expectations are of a ‘perfect door’, you can then go ahead and browse our incredible and diverse selection of doors.

Garage door technology has improved significantly over the years. Some fantastic products are now reaching the Australian shores from Europe, New Zealand and America. The innovation, engineering, design and general thought that has gone into these products is incredible.

What is a ‘Panelift’ or ‘Sectional’ Garage Door?

A panelift garage door, also known as a sectional garage door, is a door that often comprises of multiple panels coated with a stylish finish such as a woodgrain or textured effect in the colour of your choice.

Instead of rolling into a curtain like old fashioned Roller Doors, sectional garage doors progressively roll backwards into your garage via a series of steel tracks along the roof.

The sectional garage door design has become the staple garage door in any modern home. The door oozes class and a modern feel, particularly when the panels are ordered in a weatherboard or slat-like appearance to match existing cladding on the home.

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What is a ‘Roller’ or ‘Roll-A-Door’ Garage Door?

Roller Doors are a continuous flexible ColorBond steel curtain that is formed with a stylish and iconic indented profile.  Roller doors physically roll up into a cylinder that fixes above the opening of your garage.  If you have space limitations in your garage and require a cheap, practical solution, then the roller door is perfect for you.

We’ve successfully installed THOUSANDS of roller doors across the south coast region. In some instances we’ve even come back to homes twenty years later and installed a replacement roller door for the same owner!

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Whats the deal with European Garage Doors?

Due to advances in technology, engineering and design, the europeans have progressively iterated on the garage door and come up with some incredibly unique and beautiful garage door solutions.  The German (Hormann) range of garage doors are not previously seen.

More security, better functionality, better thermal and noise insulation, a sleeker design, and a far greater life-of-door.  It’s the best investment you’ll make.

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Looking for a Custom Garage Door Solution?

We understand that you might be looking for something extra special.  Perhaps you want to provide custom cladding material to match the front facade of your home? Or maybe you want a real timber door?  Whatever your desires, we have a solution.

If you are looking at custom cladding with a hardwood or any other heavy material such as glass, and the opening is large, look no further than our SmarTech Custom Solutions. These doors are perfect for high-end luxury projects that require attention to detail and engineering performance.

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