Hormann European Doors

Why a Hormann European Garage Door?

Germany has led the way in both manufacturing and design technology for decades, and the Hormann company leverages the German vision to be remembered for excellence. They believe that continual employee training, product improvements and further developments are critical to their on-going success.

Hörmann RollMatic

RollMatic roller garage doors open vertically and require minimum space inside the garage. The door’s design offers maximum space inside and in front of the garage. The ceiling also remains free and can be used for lamps or as an additional storage space.

Hörmann LPU 67 Sectional Garage Door

Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. This construction principle means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors can be fitted in every garage door opening, and offer up to 14 cm more passage width than up-and-over doors. Flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides of the Hörmann sectional doors ensure that they are optimally sealed.

Hormann Rollmatic Roller Garage Door in Insulated Aluminium

The superb Hormann Rollmatic insulated aluminium roller garage door offers the very highest of specifications in a roller door as standard. Remote control, full hood cover, purpose made, manual override, finished colours, safety reverse system and many other features come together to produce a leading high quality roller garage door from a world renowned manufacturer.

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We bring to Australia the very best products from Germany and Europe. Absolute quality and the most beautifully finished products are coupled with the most technologically advanced systems available anywhere.

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Contemporary Thinking

Sectional doors are a great option for your home as no matter how your garage opening is, they fit anywhere. Another advantage is that sectional doors are made in standard sizes, meaning it is easy to modernise if you feel the need.

The modern and elegant sectional garage door provided by 4D opens vertically upwards, meaning that you’ll have more space both inside and in front of the garage.

Complete Access Solutions

With garage door technology comes all aspects of access control. From the biggest, most highly used commercial solution, to carpark doors, to gates and gate automation. Shoalhaven Garage Doors is a complete access solutions product provider. We even have fully insulated front doors to match our gorgeous garage doors.

Precision Engineered. Elegantly Designed.

The first thing that people notice about your home is your garage door. The german sectional garage door range presents an offering that is not only incredibly practical, but oozes aesthetic appeal and class like no other garage door on the market.

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