Roller Doors

Roller Doors (A.K.A Roll-A-Door)

Roller doors are designed with practicality and space saving applications in mind. If you need a door that is easy to operate, requires minimal space, and physically rolls up into a curtain above your garage door opening, then this is the door for you. Roller doors can be fitted with a garage motor (automatic operator).



ColorBond Steel®

Every B&D Roller Door is comprised of the highest quality colorbond steel.  Colorbond steel is manufactured in Australia.  That means you’re supporting our local steel industry when you buy a B&D roller door.


Time Tested

The first roller door was installed by B&D in 1956.  Since then, B&D Roller Doors have become the most universal garage door product across Australia.  To this day there are still some original doors operating in peoples homes.


For Those on a Tight Budget

Roller doors are able to be mass manufactured, transported and installed easily.  This allows us to provide an extremely practical and high quality door, for a very affordable price.


7 Year Warranty

When you buy a product you expect it to last and be backed by the manufacturer.  While most companies these days are decreasing their warranty periods and disassociating from their customer, B&D are still standing behind their product and believe that you deserve better.

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