B&D Roll-A-Door® NEO™

Contemporary B&D Roll-A-Door®’s
Have Arrived

B&D have revealed a revolutionary new garage door design that provides both the sleek design appeal of their popular sectional doors, with that of the simple functionality and cost benefits of the traditional B&D Roll-A-Door®.

Introducing B&D Roll-A-Door® NEO™.

B&D Roll-A-Door® NEO™ is designed and tested to provide security, attractive appearance and smooth, low effort operation.

Lasting Style

B&D’s unique ‘brake press’ production process creates a stunning look that will stand the test of time.

Smooth Quiet Operation

Our Nylofelt running strips deliver smooth, quiet operation.

Effortless Opening

All B&D Roll-A-Door®Neo™ doors are complemented by our B&D® Controll-A-Door®Power Drive RDO-1V4 automatic opener.

Colour to match and enhance your home

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